Equal Heart had a great summer serving meals in Dallas, Austin, Houston and Denver


Equal Heart is looking forward to another school year where we can provide nutritious meals during after school activities.


Equal Heart works to end hunger in the United States. We do this through direct service by increasing access to healthy food sources.


Equal Heart partners with organizations to leverage existing funding streams which results in expanded services to those facing adversity.

Food Insecurity

To help address food insecurity, Equal Heart provides nutritious food to families year round with our Mobile Food Access Network. Food insecurity exists throughout the country. But not everyone struggling with hunger qualifies for federal nutrition assistance. Almost 20% of Dallas County residents experienced food insecurity in 2015. Of that number, 23% were not eligible for any nutrition assistance. One in five children in North Texas lives in poverty, with more than 260,000 kids in the area considered food insecure, according to a biennial study released Tuesday from Children’s Health and the University of Texas at Dallas.